Derginin Adı: Journal of Education and Vocational Research
Cilt: 2016/7
Sayı: 4
Makale Başlık: Effect of Tutorial Instructional Strategy and Drill in Using MYOB Accounting in Vocational High School Bekasi West Java Province
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Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 11.09.2017
Okunma Sayısı: 2
Makale Özeti: This study aimed to analyze the application of learning strategies and Drill tutorials on the capabilities of MYOB Accounting. This study uses a quasi-experimental method by using analysis of variance by F test population of this study in Class XI student Vocational School District Bekasi City, West Java province in the academic year 2015/2016. Samples were obtained through a simple random sampling technique, namely the Vocational high School 1 (one) as an experimental class Tutorial instructional strategy and Vocational High School 11 (eleven) class control with Drill instructional strategy. Collecting data using a test on the ability MYOB Accounting. The results showed that the ability of MYOB Accounting Students who use tutorial learning strategy is better than learning strategies Drill.
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