Derginin Adı: International Electronic Journal of Environmental Education
Cilt: 2011/1
Sayı: 1
Makale Başlık: Investigation of Undergraduate Students’ Environmental Attitudes
Makale Alternatif Dilde Başlık: Alternatif dilde başlık bulunmamaktadır. There is no article title in another language.)
Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 5.08.2012
Okunma Sayısı: 1
Makale Özeti: Environmental education has been viewed as an important way to educate students about environmental issues beginning from pre-school to higher education. This study is a part of this field- namely, undergraduate environmental education. The purpose of the study is to explore undergraduate students’ attitudes towards environment at the end of the course “Environment, Human, and Society”. In direction of this basic aim, environmental attitudes of university students were examined according to the gender and faculty type factors. The research was applied at Pamukkale University in School of Foreign Languages during the spring term of 2008-2009 education years. A questionnaire consisting of 2 parts titled “personal information” and “measuring attitude towards environment” was utilized as the means of collecting data. As a result of the study, it could be concluded that undergraduate students had positive attitudes toward the environment as regard to their gender and faculty types. It was emphasized that female students were more sensitive toward environment than male students. At the end, some advices were given in relation with environmental researches.
Alternatif Dilde Özet: Alternatif dilde abstract bulunmamaktadır. (There is no abstract in another language.)

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