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Makale Başlık: Peer Assessment Activities For the Secondary Students in Science and Technology Course
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Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 20.01.2016
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Makale Özeti: The use of peer assessment as an alternative form of evaluation method is reported to be helpful in learning. This paper enhanced students’ experiences of peer assessment and describes how peer assessment was implemented as a method of enhancing secondary students engagement in Science and Technology Course. During the training session, Performance Task Rubric was developed. After the training session, in the main application, 6th grade (n=54), 7th grade (n=30) and 8th grade (n=30) with a total of 114, participants, were divided into groups of three or four depending on the class size. Students made their oral presentations on performans tasks and were evaluated using the Performance Task Rubric by peers. Teacher assessment and self-assessment were also conducted in the study. Additionally, Peer Assessment Attitude Questionnaire, has 25 item Likert type, developed to determine the students’ attitudes towards the method of peer assessment. To determine the significance of the change in students’ attitudes before and after training paired samples t-test was used. Students' views on peer assessment was a positive change post-implementation training in a meaningful way. The statistical comparison between female and male responses to pre test and post test was not significant. The statistical comparison regard to between female and male responses to pre test and post test was not significant. The results of the study revealed that the between peer and teacher assessment scores of classes were positive and high correlations as compared
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