Derginin Adı: Baltic Journal of Career Education and Management
Cilt: 2015/3
Sayı: 1
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Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 30.12.2016
Okunma Sayısı: 3
Makale Özeti: Today we live and work in a hardly prognosticated time of changes. The diversity of opened possibilities, information technology abundance, economic, political situation instability, social changes – all this characterises the environment, in which we work. In the present world, information, knowledge, creativity become a crucial factor of success and competitiveness, the main economy and society developing factor. Present society is an information, creative society, in which a person has to learn practically all his life, to take over the knowledge, created in the world, to use it, to create new knowledge and to hand it over to others. Having announced A Memorandum of lifelong learning (2000), learning for lifelong conception rapidly changed a lifelong learning conception. Continuous learning becomes very important in all human life and work spheres. One can claim, that a man who needs to live and work in such a dynamic environment and to adjust to fast developing society paces, will be able to experience success only then, if he looks at nowadays reality creatively and responsibly will plan his career path and will occupy an active position in his life activity (Lifelong learning. Accounting research topic, 2015). He will be able to do this only learning and acquiring new knowledge, skills and competencies or developing the ones he possesses. Therefore, lifelong learning today has become very important. Not only preparation for a career depends on it, but also its successful development and at the same time the chances to involve in active life and to successfully take part in it.
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