Derginin Adı: International Journal of Social Sciences and Education Research
Cilt: 2016/2
Sayı: 1
Makale Başlık: A proposal of the structural equation model for review of the effect of organizational commitment and organizational support on employee performance
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Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 11.1.2019
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Makale Özeti: Gaining a competitive advantage, attaining a learner identity, and keeping pace around of an organization depend on the support of the organization for the employees as well as loyalty, performance, commitment, and dedication of the employee. In this context, employees must feel the support of organization in order to feel them valued, to have ownage of the business, to be permanent, and to improve their performance. The aim of this study is that to examine the effects of variables of organizational commitment and organizational support which are made by organizational behavior on the employee performance. Showing a high performance and desiring to keep working on the organization of the employees in the banking sector, which is found the high-level competition, will increase the success of themselves as well as the organization. As a result of national and international literature for variables and structural equation model in the study; the relationship of organizational commitment which is a variable from individual behavior and organizational support which is a variable from organizational behavior on employee's performance are proposed for the structural equation model. A selected universe for the field research is that about 575 employees in where 39 branch of 18 Banks in Kahramanmaraş. The studied sample is composed of 306 surveys which are suitable for analysis. In the survey, the measures which are their validity and reliability confirmed by international studies have been used belong to the variables which are "organizational commitment", "organizational support" and "employee performance" that are situated in the research model. According to the obtained data, research hypotheses are tested by using of SPSS and AMOS. As a research result, the hypothesis which states “Organizational commitment of Bank's employees positively affects the employee performance.” The organizational commitment of employees makes a positive contribution the organizational citizenship behaviors; so that the opinion of their increased performance are supported by this study. Hypothesis of “Organizational support provided by the Bank positively affects their employee performance”, which are founded between organizational support and employee performance, is also accepted. In this context, noticing of employee ideas and supporting them everything about business or non-business increase their performance. Consequently, these points are recommended below; considering employee’s ideas seriously, giving priority to health and happiness, taking into account the objectives and values of them, forgiving a mistake which are made unintentionally, and feeling that the organization would assist them in any issues of employee.
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