Derginin Adı: Uluslararası Liderlik Çalışmaları Dergisi: Kuram ve Uygulama
Cilt: 2019/1
Sayı: 3
Makale Başlık: Good Old Days and Future of Leadership Theories
Makale Alternatif Dilde Başlık: Alternatif dilde başlık bulunmamaktadır. There is no article title in another language.)
Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 4.6.2020
Okunma Sayısı: 0
Makale Özeti: The research investigates progress of leadership theories. Critical theory has been utilized as the paradigm of inquiry in this research. Critical theory demonstrate that the theories of leadership have been reformatting through the changes found in society and history. Therefore, while investigating the research topic, historical/social changes and their influences have been taken into consideration. The approach provides a non-linear understanding for the future of leadership theories. It contributes to the existing literature through utilizing critical theory while investigating leadership theories. In addition, the research presents a different perspective about future of leadership theories. Further researches concerning leadership must focus on culture, and leadership theories and their interactions.
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