Derginin Adı: Futuristic Implementations of Research in Education
Cilt: 2020/1
Sayı: 1
Makale Başlık: Forging multicultural sensitivity: How short-term study abroad experiences can help college students engage in a global society
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Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 31.01.2021
Okunma Sayısı: 0
Makale Özeti: Transformative learning about global matters is becoming an important institutional mission for planning in the 21st century. Structured faculty-led programs may offer students a greater sense of society and global mindedness. The purpose of this study was to investigate the cultural sensitivity of students who participated in a one-week faculty-led spring break trip (Travelers) versus students who did not participate in study abroad experience (Non-travelers). We administered an adapted version of the Cultural Diversity Assessment Inventory (CDAI) to 67 students enrolled in an ethnically diverse urban university, assessing the following areas: a) creating a multicultural society, b) cultural awareness, and c) cross-cultural communication. Results show that Travelers are more aware of their role in society and seem to be more responsive to multicultural and global concerns than Non-travelers. Pedagogical aspects of faculty-led trips for experiential learning will be further discussed.
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