Derginin Adı: Middle Eastern & African Journal of Educational Research
Cilt: 2015/3
Sayı: 1
Makale Başlık: The Root Cause Factors and the Status of Students Drop-out in Public Primary Schools of Harari Regional State, Ethiopia
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Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 6.05.2015
Okunma Sayısı: 15
Makale Özeti: The purpose of this study was to identify root cause factors and examine the status of dropout in primary schools of Harari Regional State of Ethiopia. Descriptive survey research design was employed to explain the existing conditions of the research problems understudy. 12 primary schools were taken as samples using simple random sampling technique. Regarding the sample size, 163 homeroom teachers, 324 students and 12 charity club head teachers, 12 principals and 5 Woreda supervisors were involved. Simple random sampling, purposive sampling and available sampling were used as sampling techniques. Documents and reports were reviewed which obtained from 2010/11 and 2012 academic years to see the drop-out trends of schools. The questionnaire consisted of 13 rank order items on the root cause factors and forwarded for teachers and students. Semi-structured interview questions were administered for school principals, charity club head teachers and Woreda supervisors on the cause factors of drop-out. The collected quantitative data were analyzed with frequency and percentage whereas the qualitative data were narrated in terms of words. Even though the enrolment rates were increased from year to year, the drop-out rate trends were also increased and large numbers of students were at risk of dropping out of education. Many students dropped their education and became street children and exposed to physical and mental chastisement. Low family income (poverty), parents’ death due to HIV/AIDS and other problems, parents forcing children to work, and single parenting were the major cause factors of students’ drop-out. Therefore, establishing family strengthening program, boarding schools and design prevention, protection and intervention strategies would be the possible solutions to tackle the family’s economic problems and retain students in their education.
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