Derginin Adı: Middle Eastern & African Journal of Educational Research
Cilt: 2015/3
Sayı: 1
Makale Başlık: Preschool Experience and Intellectual Abilities of Primary School Pupils: Evidence from Ghana
Makale Alternatif Dilde Başlık: Alternatif dilde başlık bulunmamaktadır. There is no article title in another language.)
Makale Eklenme Tarihi: 6.05.2015
Okunma Sayısı: 1
Makale Özeti: This study examined the factors that influence access to preschool education and the intellectual outcomes of pupils with or without preschool experience in two regions in Ghana. A mixed-bag of stratified, simple random and purposive sampling techniques was employed to select 863 pupils in basic grades 2, 3, and 4 from eight selected schools for the study. The research design was ex post facto and explored preschool experience and intellectual outcomes of primary-aged pupils. The results revealed that access to preschool does not depend on type of locality, parental income or parental educational background but the type of preschool experience (private or public) pupils received depended, to a large extent, on parental income levels. In addition, the type of preschool experience predicted pupils’ intellectual abilities. Therefore, preschool programmes that target preschoolers from lower socio-economic backgrounds would greatly improve their intellectual abilities.
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