Journal of English Education (JEE)


Derginin Adı: Journal of English Education (JEE)
Dergi Kayıt Tarihi: 18.12.2018
Dergi Hakkında: Journal of English Education (JEE) is an Open Access Journal and is oriented to the regular publishing of research in the areas of English Education. This Journal aims to publish research results that are strictly processed in a Double-Blind Peer Review that applies an Open Journal System (OJS). This aims to conceal both Author and Reviewer's identity throughout the review process. The journal strictly emphasizes credible and accountable research results. The research areas must, of course, indicate a credible result as it is ethically conducted in a scientific procedure. The areas include Education, Teaching & Learning EFL, Teachers Training, English Language, Literary, Classroom Action Research, and Linguistics & Applied Linguistics. All research design is acceptable except a Pre-experimental Design due to the lack of quantitative analysis.
ISSN: 2502-6909
Dergi Dili: English,

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