Yıldız Journal of Art and Design


Derginin Adı: Yıldız Journal of Art and Design
Dergi Kayıt Tarihi: 1.04.2015
DergininWebsitesi: http://eds.yildiz.edu.tr/yjad
Dergi Hakkında: The Yildiz Journal of Art and Design is a Turkish Journal of Yıldız Technical Univesrsity. The journal is published half in a year in june and in september. The papers published in the journal is open acces in the World. Whoever wants to look the papers, he/she can visit the website (http://eds.yildiz.edu.tr/yildiz). The language of the papers is English and Turkish. The Yildiz Journal of Art and Design reports on fundamental knowledge that contributes to the state-of-the-art in design, art and art management. In the journal, the original studies in art and design areas which are never published anywhere. The papers under review, accepted for publication, or published elsewhere should not be submitted and will not be considered. The Journal accepts submissions online through Editorial Manager. With Editorial Manager, authors can submit manuscripts to the journal via the Internet and have their manuscripts reviewed online. Reviewers can review manuscripts and submit their comments online. Online submission of all new manuscripts to the Yildiz Journal of Art and Design is required. Manuscripts that arrive via e-mail or postal mail will not be processed. The authors will be contacted and asked to submit their manuscripts online instead. The manuscripts submitted to journal are sent to three expert rewievers ,whom of many have academic degree, for the possible publishing.
ISSN: 2149-1755
Dergi Dili: Türkçe,İngilizce,

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