Derginin Adı: Novitas-ROYAL
Dergi Kayıt Tarihi: 15.04.2011
Dergi Hakkında: A peer-reviewed journal of Children's Research Center-Turkey, Novitas-ROYAL (Research on Youth and Language) is an open access, international, and fully refereed (peer-reviewed) journal devoted to research and critical discussion about all aspects of language, linguistics and learning and teaching of foreign languages. The followings are some of the assets of the journal: The journal is only electronic. It does not have a print version. The language of the journal is English and access to the journal’s published content is free of charge. The journal publishes inter- and multidisciplinary research on the intersections of the education of youth with a focus on teaching, learning acquisition and use of second/foreign languages, any issues related to linguistics and language sciences, cultures, and literatures. The primary aim of the journal is to help accumulate knowledge of how foreign languages, cultures, and literatures have the potential to change the lives of students. The journal welcomes research using qualitative, quantitative or mixed methods as long as the methods employed are described in a sound manner. All submissions are first reviewed by members of the core editorial board. Manuscripts which do not meet the format of the journal are sent back to the author(s) and the author(s) are directly informed about the decision. Those manuscripts which are accepted for review are sent to at least two reviewers. The checklist used by the referees can be viewed in the section titled Reviewers' Checklist. The journal publishes new content biannually, one issue in April and one in October. Information on submissions can be found in the Submissions section. Children's Research Center can be accessed at:
ISSN: 1307 - 47
Dergi Dili: İngilizce,

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