Open Journal for Educational Research (OJER)


Derginin Adı: Open Journal for Educational Research (OJER)
Dergi Kayıt Tarihi: 21.08.2021
Dergi Hakkında: The OJER, as an international multi-disciplinary peer-reviewed online open access academic journal, publishes academic articles deal with different problems and topics in various areas of the science of education (theory of education, history of education, preschool education, adult education, learning, development, instruction, teaching, methodology of educational research, etc.). The OJER provides a platform for the manuscripts from different areas of research, which may rest on the full spectrum of established methodologies, including theoretical discussion and empirical investigations. The manuscripts may represent a variety of theoretical perspectives and different methodological approaches.
ISSN: 2560-5313
Dergi Dili: English,

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