Journal for the Interdisciplinary Art and Education


Derginin Adı: Journal for the Interdisciplinary Art and Education
Dergi Kayıt Tarihi: 9.10.2021
Dergi Hakkında: Journal for the Interdisciplinary Art and Education (JIAE) is an open access biannual journal published by Genç Bilge Publishing House, that publishes articles in the field of Art and Art Education an related interdisciplinary issues, with significant contributions to the understanding, discovering, creating new model, strategies, approaches and improvement of the performing, teaching and learning of arts. JIAE, covers issues such as art education, interdisciplinary art education, education and training of the art teacher, art talent, art education for special needs of children, art education for gifted students, artistic creativity, educational policy on art education, teaching of the fine art sciences, teaching of the performing art, art and related interdisciplinary STEAM education for art, teaching techniques and ies in the education of art, is a scientific and academic journal. JIAE aims to be a scientific media sharing scientific research, practices, theories and ideas about interdisciplinary art and education. The JIAE is an international refereed scientific journal which publishes review and research article, teaching techniques and activities for interdisciplinary art education, book reviews and interviews in English. Submitted articles are evaluated in a double blinded peer-reviewed fashion.
ISSN: 2717-8870
Dergi Dili: İngilizce,

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